Only you

I just don’t want to have sex with just you

Sex therapy

it suits you so well.

swinger no swinging

We are on a swinger site but dont swing

secret crush

mb: “your still my secret crush”
m: “im ready when you are”

the benefits of being open is that you have options and choices to bring to your partner that you want to have sex with someone else.

trying to get more pussy

p: primary
m: me

m: you are like a pimp
ho ing me out to get bitches

p: hey if you get some head its a win haha

pass up on swap

four people…two guys two girls

girl on girl session

primary asks dude if he wanted to swap

guy says i dont know

ah next time just girl on girl this time

i like it rough…

i like it rough…..

sigh do these women realize its a nail salon not a massage parlor?


you can give yo…

you can give your number out to girls….not guys.


Why I Can’t Wear Shorts T-Shirt

too beaucoup

bringing home

primary: p
me: m

p: so how about if i bring a chick home for us.

p: im just giving you a heads up

m: thats fucked up

m: you want to bring her home for yourself

p: you would fuck her with the strap on while she gave me head. ram her head…..

m: so what do you think if i brought a guy home for us

p: he would be for you. can i fuck him

m: ew gross. no. wait. yes.

p: okay. nope not doing it

m: so what if i dont like the chic

p: we send her packing. its a mutual thing

m: good answer

although our conversations may be sexist, pigish, he always lets me make the last decision.

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