First time swinging

We met a couple, who ended up to be both dom and subs. She was cute. Nearly 13 years younger than I. He was different. Piercings. Long long hair. Not the type I would date from appearance. But the thought playing with his piercings and his long hair was an appeal. It was something I never experienced before I got the thrill of being able to inflict pain to someone and he like it. His hair was longer than mine. I wrapped my fist around it several times pulled his head towards me and bit his neck. He liked his face being slapped and I had no problem doing it. But he had limp dick. At times I had to try to get him hard. I gave up. Laid out, I was tired. It was smaller thanBut everything else the head, the ass playing, compensated for the limpness and not getting fucked. All in the mix, I forgot to ask my primary for permission to do things to the couple. Was I supposed to? My primary asked me before he would kiss her and before he fucked her. Was I supposed to? We don’t have a dom and sub dynamic. Primary has swung many times before. He says it’s all about the fuck. It’s about something different. Why at one point when she and primary were making out that I was worried. What was I worried about, I’m not sure. It made me a bit uncomfortable. I made new friends that night. Very deep down and personal friends.


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