One hand around my throat

The other hand you are playing with my nipple

It is rolling in between your fingers

a pinch and a pull

and it hurts so good

I am in a state of euphoria

You guide my right hand to my pussy

you have me rub my clit

My pussy is so wet as I am riding you

….I am going to cum if you keep that up….

Hearing that excites me

I’m being defiant as I continue to ride you

I feel your hard cock rub against the walls of my vagina

….Faint moaning…..

I feel your cock pulsating as your cumming





Your hand around my neck

My head lightly pushed upwards

I gasp

It feels like the first inhale when you take as you open the door on the coldest day of winter

I find my body is not breathing

My mind tell me to take a breathe

My eyes focus to your lips as you are kissing me

The pause after each kiss

I hear you breathing

I try to mimic your breaths

But my eyes are fixated

at your lips

the side of your cheek

and the contour of your lips and shape of your teeth

My lips are next to yours

not touching

I hear you