Hi all,
I’m Chichi. I am currently finishing up my Bachelors in Psychology. I will be attending grad school to become a kink friendly therapist with a speciality in Marriage and Family therapy. I have been in the kink community for about a year now. I have been always curious and interested in the different aspects of the kink. I established this blog to get an understanding and awareness of the different perspectives, research, resources, and education related to the kink. So feel free to make and leave insights.



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  1. anabelleoceanside
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 03:51:32

    Hi! i am a newly collared slave (also new to the bdsm community). i have been married to my Master for ten years now and (because there’s always a twist) i im schizoaffective. i’ve had quite the tumultuous life and found that the world of ‘kink’ as it were, has offered more to me than just a few sexual thrills; it has become the ideal state of my life. If ever you have any questions or are curious about anything regarding my personal lifestyle (i’ve read that this has become an area of study for you) please feel free to ask! i welcome any and all questions about my new lifestyle, my Master, and even my illness. Nice to meet you!! ^_^


    • kinkiknowledge
      Mar 14, 2014 @ 13:10:22

      Thanks for the post! Oooooo I have so many questions. So are you guys members of fetlife? Are you master and slave 24/7. Are you open to your friends an family about your dynamic. What type of schiZoaffective disorder do you have? How do you cope? Medication or holistic? What are your fetishes? If you have any, do they help you with your disorder?


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