Only you

I just don’t want to have sex with just you


Sex therapy

it suits you so well.

secret crush

mb: “your still my secret crush”
m: “im ready when you are”

the benefits of being open is that you have options and choices to bring to your partner that you want to have sex with someone else.

pass up on swap

four people…two guys two girls

girl on girl session

primary asks dude if he wanted to swap

guy says i dont know

ah next time just girl on girl this time

bringing home

primary: p
me: m

p: so how about if i bring a chick home for us.

p: im just giving you a heads up

m: thats fucked up

m: you want to bring her home for yourself

p: you would fuck her with the strap on while she gave me head. ram her head…..

m: so what do you think if i brought a guy home for us

p: he would be for you. can i fuck him

m: ew gross. no. wait. yes.

p: okay. nope not doing it

m: so what if i dont like the chic

p: we send her packing. its a mutual thing

m: good answer

although our conversations may be sexist, pigish, he always lets me make the last decision.


okay if you are in a nail salon with your girlfriend, telling me that you want to read my blog and it was you that responded to it after i told you it was about sex, and you respond by saying just you and me and not her. eh….maybe you will be thrown overboard on that cruise you are taking her. or wait is she taking you. 

so this ignorant man continues to tell me that if a normal couple with the openness and transparency (and its just them two in the relationship) one of them would cheat. just like if they were swingers, whose to say they won’t cheat either.

of course i like to try to defend or back up what I’m talking about in the swinger lifestyle and he said that whose to say the other person isn’t swinging in a swinging relationship. 

of course i ended the conversation by giving him a nose wax. 

any good sex books?

I came across “the ethical slut” while having lunch with a classmate. She let our other friend borrow it. I also want to read “Perv: the sexual deviant in all of us” by Jesse Bering.

Any one have any suggestions on non fiction sex books?

the double standard but jealous

so I have been approached with different scenarios from various classmates in the kink lifestyle.

the double standard

girl has an admirer and she is interested in him but also has a primary

her primary said its okay for her to go out and “date” the guy and hook up and primary does not need to be there

she on the other hand, wants to be there when her primary is in the similar situation

she says that since primary is ok with her going out and he doesnt want to be there that she will be more comfortable or it is justifying for her to do it.

however, she would want to be with him or have the ability to show up on his date at any moment.

so as curious as i am, i ask my primary…
will you be okay with me playing or dating someone outside of our home without you.

hahah primary response was no. he would be jealous.

my response would be the same.

so how does this fall into swinging. what difference does it make if you are trying to get to know the guy or the couple and then not try to get jealous?

why is it better for both to do it and not one?

Bored? Genghis Khan Syndrome

Drying out has been an issue.
So I asked primary if he was bored with our sex life.

Primary has said I’m just a whore I like fucking other women.
He said it sounds bad when he writes it down.
He said its the genghis khan syndrome.

Should I be upset or mad at him. Nope! Secretly I like different too. There are some things you can do with one person that likes it and another might not. Different people for different uses.

He justifies his wanting different partners by saying,

I just like to be whorish sexually.

So if a women says that what’s up with that?

Meeting the other couple.

The downfall to setting up a meeting is that they call out the last minute. Ah a whole weeks worth of arranging time and a place to talk. Also getting to know what they other couple likes and wants. It’s like dating all over again. And that was the aspect I hated with dating. Why should we get to know one another, I’m going to open up to you. You will know my personal issues, get bored of me and then leave me. Let’s save us time and get naked. Let’s touch bodies and go our way.

Of course. It’s weds. Primary and I are excited to meet the couple. A seaman and a teacher haha great sexual fantasies being played out in real life. All day the seaman doesn’t mention anything. Ironically at 4 he says he has to cancel. Stomach bug at the office. I give him that cares for us to not get us sick.

We schedule for a week from then. This time the teacher texts me. First time since we have ever connected to them she texts me. Ah a uti. Sickness again. To save ourselves I cancel.

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